[Update] E-Commerce & External Barriers Solutions 2024
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[Update] E-Commerce & External Barriers Solutions 2024

With time, changes are taking place in every field. Challenges are emerging day by day. In previous days, selling the product was not a big task to accomplish

With time, changes are taking place in every field. Challenges are emerging day by day. In previous days, selling the product was not a big task to accomplish. A salesperson only had to write a description of the product and make money out of it. Challenges were limited, and nobody was actually in the ground of e-commerce.

Presently innovation is accessible and moderate by everybody. Because of that, barriers and challenges are additionally developing the other way around. With the increasing number of competitors in the market, accomplishing your objective won't be simple in 2024.

In this context, I am going to address those critical external barriers of e-commerce which are expected to arise in 2024.

Challenges that need addressing in 2024

a) The Amazon effect

In this challenging era, it is quite difficult to find the right products to sell because Amazon is taking over the game of e-commerce by its huge online product catalog. It is the most uprising business in e-commerce today. As there are various benefits and advantages of online marketing, everybody is trying to be a competitive part of it. It should be of utmost preference for the businessman to understand Amazon’s role in 2024.

This is a photo taken for my blog about 2nd generation of Amazon Echo Dot (which is really cool!).
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Most of the customers prefer the store that offers the lowest prices and fast shipping, which is a challenge to the e-commerce business. Interestingly Amazon is offering the same on its products. Amazon’s success is going to be a barrier to other e-commerce businesses. There is a term for this phenomenon-The Amazon effect.

In the coming year, people will not only use Google for their products but use amazon for the best results, which is going to get your business down.

Browsers, including DuckDuckGo and DuckDuckGo alternatives, are used primarily to search for one’s required information. According to the study and research conducted by ComScore, voice search will take up to 50% of the search engine at the beginning of 2024.

The Voice search is going to change the shape of SEO. Websites which has already implemented voice search function will be in the top search results if anyone’s search is in the voice request.

This is going to be a hindrance to those e-commerce websites that have still not adopted the voice search engine. This can be called as voice commerce. In a report published by GlobalWebIndex, 27% of the online population is using voice search on mobile.

Amazon has already adopted a voice search for its site. This is going to give a tough time to the rest of the e-commerce sites.

c) Mobile Commerce

The third barrier that we can easily predict e-commerce is the increase in the use of mobiles. Many people create an app and use it to purchase and sell products online. Few people are using laptops and desktops for buying and selling products.

Photo by Blake Wisz / Unsplash

It is predicted that in 2024, almost or more than 70% of the sales will take place through mobile commerce rather than e-commerce. These statistics are proving that M-commerce is going to replace E-commerce shortly.

To overcome this barrier, e-commerce sites need to adopt some changes in their business. They need to optimize websites for mobile use. Your site should be easy to navigate. By adopting an open source eCommerce platform and other changes, e-commerce can overcome the explosion of m-commerce.

d) Written product description will be no longer in use

The fourth challenge predicted to be faced by e-commerce in 2024 is video commerce. Video commerce is the practice of selling a product through its description by video.

Steph Smith - Hello Molly Campaign // Fashion Film

Written product descriptions will be no longer in use for e-commerce. The number of shoppers watching a video before purchasing a product is significantly increased as compared to the shoppers reading a product description.

Ecommerce websites should adopt this change in business. Using video as a product detail is already being implemented. It is expected to increase in 2024.

Product videos should include how to use a product, its necessity, its benefits, and all other aspects of the product. Influencer marketing is also working through video commerce.

e) User-generated content

One of the most difficult challenges that e-commerce is going to face in the upcoming year is user-generated content. Product description by online shops will no longer work. Marketers have to pursue their customers to write reviews about their products.

User-generated content is considered as the most reliable description of a product because it is not created by paying to influencers. It is something worth reading because it is original.

Convincing your customers in 2024 to write reviews and upload pictures of your product is going to be a prioritized task for e-commerce.

In user-generated content, one doesn’t need to ponder over content curation. UGC depends on how well you treat your customers. Isabel William, a content strategist writer at assignment service,has written in her content that:

“Assignment writing services will no longer be used for user-generated content. The e-commerce site, either selling products or assignment, have to implement a user-generated content system on their website.”


So these are a few of the major barriers that are going to take over e-commerce. The amazon effect is one of the biggest challenges to e-commerce. In addition to the Amazon effect, we discussed voice search along with its statistics.

Shortly, mobile commerce is going to take away the game of e-commerce. So I have tried to provide the solutions to it. The written product description also obsoleted. That’s why e-commerce sites need to ponder over the visualization of the products.

If you are in the e-commerce business, all that you need to ponder over is how to follow the footsteps of Amazon. You need to do a little research, and you are almost there on your goals.

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