SEO Strategy from Arfadia for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

SEO Strategy from Arfadia for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Boost your blockchain and crypto success with Arfadia's tailored SEO strategies. Optimize your online presence, attract investors, and build trust in the digital asset space.

Increase Trust and Credibility with SEO

Seeing digital developments expanding into various industries, including finance, cryptocurrencies are now becoming widespread and well-known and are even considered a future trend. With intense competition with various tokens and coins, plus user or investor confidence decreasing due to many modes of fraud, SEO strategies are urgently needed to increase credibility.

The importance of SEO is further amplified in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, where accurate and trustworthy information is highly sought after. The relevance of SEO for blockchain and cryptocurrency lies in its ability to overcome unique challenges, such as market education, user trust, and fierce competition. In addition, SEO in the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency also helps overcome the problem of misinformation that often occurs in this industry. By optimizing educational and informative content, companies can provide added value to users, help them understand this complex technology, and increase trust in their brand.

SEO services from Arfadia
SEO services from Arfadia

Our Commitment in Cryptocurrency

One of the goals of SEO in the crypto world is that when people search for certain keywords such as "best crypto coins for investing", "best crypto to invest", best crypto to buy now", or "best crypto trading platform" they will find your business, especially for coins or tokens that you want to be exposed to carry out an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Arfadia Search Engine :)

We know that the field has rare issues that need deep knowledge of blockchain tech and the fast-changing crypto market. For this reason, Arfadia develops SEO services specifically designed to meet clients' needs in this industry. Their team has a deep knowledge of blockchain tech and keeps up with the latest things in that field.

Why is Traditional SEO Not Effective Enough for Crypto Projects

Of course, responding to new technology requires new strategies. Let's start with the basics and find out why common SEO practices that marketers typically use for Web2 projects may not be effective for Web3 projects.

The Web3 project is unique in that it is decentralized, and this may mean that in addition to promoting on well-known search engines, you will also have to carry out several SEO practices for decentralized projects, such as Infrasearch, Opencola, YaCy, FAROO, and many more. At the same time, you also need to pay special attention to promoting your project in the crypto communities located in Web 2.0 because the first crypto projects to gain worldwide popularity were born here.

Plus, considering volatile crypto regulations, in 2018, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter imposed a ban on advertising anything related to crypto. In 2021, this ban was lifted, but the requirements for campaigns became so strict that it was difficult to comply. Therefore, you need a crypto-specific SEO strategy that properly understands every nuance so you don't lose time and money.

Main Strategy of SEO Services from Arfadia

1. Technical SEO

Each platform has its conditions, as does Google, which have certain technical indicators to determine which websites are trustworthy and worthy of being on the first page of Google. Here are some important strategies and elements that Arfadia pays attention to in SEO:

  • Code Customization for Google

    If you use JavaScript, Note that most crypto projects use SPAs based on JS, meaning do not return a copy of the HTML for Google; that is, Google cannot crawl the site because it cannot recognize JS code. You should make HTML code for the page on the server, but just the first time.

  • Simple Website

    A complicated website will make customers want to explore it. The more complex the website, the slower it can be. Arfadia always ensures that the website is easy to use, some of the considerations are:
  • Contextual Architecture:
    Put the responsive design first, which will change to fit various screen sizes, especially for use on cellphones and tablets (Mobile-First). This guarantees your website looks fantastic and functions perfectly on every device.
  • Navigation Made Simple:
    Simplify your mobile users' menu structure. Use clear, tappable buttons and consider saving space using a hamburger menu.
  • Touch Friendly Elements:
    Make links and buttons bigger and easier to tap. Of course, this is important, because it can ensure that your website can be accessed by all ages. Make sure there is enough space between interactive components to stop accidental clicks.
  • Instant access:
    Use browser caching, minify code, and optimize images to speed up loading times. Faster websites improve search engine results and user experience.
  • Read Content:
    Type in easy-to-read typography at a reasonable size. Make sure the background and text contrast is sufficient for small screen readability.
  • Lightweight Design:
    Design with simplicity and clarity. Avoid hefty animations or visuals as they can cause slow mobile performance.
  • Shrink Photo:
    Cut file size without reducing quality by using image compression tools as this can affect mobile network load times.
  • Sort Content:
    Show the most important things on your phone first so someone doesn't have to search a lot to find what they need.

  • Frequent Testing

    Arfadia performs frequent testing to ensure optimal performance and smooth user experience in all platforms. One method that we are using is Google’s Mobile Friendly Test, which allows Arfadia to regularly evaluate the mobile performance of our clients’ websites.

    With this tool, Arfadia can identify and resolve any issues that may be hampering website functionality or speed on mobile devices. Additionally, Arfadia uses a variety of other tools and techniques to test various aspects of websites including loading speed, navigation, and responsiveness.

    To defy errors, Arfadia will often test using different browsers and devices to find and fix problems in your website. This testing includes simulations of various usage conditions and devices, ensuring that each element of the website functions properly in all situations.
PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights
Website Performance Testing and Monitoring
Website Performance Testing and Monitoring

2. Optimize Internal Content

Arfadia always ensures that the content provided to you has informative elements to attract new users and increase trust. The content must be created appropriately because it must be unique, have a good text structure, and have relevant topics. Lastly, ensure that the content contains important keywords. Not only on the outside, Arfadia also focuses on the contents of your website. That is the reason why Arfadia will analyze your business model first.

By analyzing the business model, Arfadia can determine your business's activities, shortcomings, and ultimate goals. Through this analysis, our team can group keywords into several levels depending on their frequency. The higher the frequency, the more people use it, and the fiercer the competition.

3. Perform E-E-A-T optimization

E-E‑A-T means Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is these four factors that the Google search engine takes into account when determining the quality of a particular resource. In a nutshell, we mean that content published on the Internet must be created by a qualified professional with years of experience and based on proven scientific research, reliable sources, etc.

E-E-A-T (Just F****ing Do This)

However, it is essential to keep in mind that E-E-A-T is not the main aspect of ranking and can only be used in conjunction with other SEO techniques. Specifically, for your content to meet E-E-A-T criteria, you must:

  • Tell your website visitors in detail about your project;
  • Demonstrate that it is trusted by leading experts from your industry;
  • Do not use AI for content creation;
  • Regularly update your blog with new relevant content;
  • Cite authoritative data;
  • Monitor the reputation of your project on third-party web resources.

4. Social Media Management

Arfadia offers Social Media Management services on platforms such as Telegram and X (formerly Twitter), which can significantly positively impact SEO. Social Media management by Arfadia involves creating high-quality content, active interaction with users, and performance analysis.

X - Social Media Management
X - Social Media Management
Telegram - Social Media Management
Telegram - Social Media Management

5. KOL / Influencers Collaboration 

Leveraging the power and reach of these KOL / influencers, Arfadia is able to connect brands with a wider audience and actively engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This strategy involves selecting the right KOL / influencers based on their relevance, credibility, and influence in the crypto community, as well as designing an authentic and engaging campaign.

6. Off-Page Element

Arfadia is a leader in the SEO industry, we continue to lead by providing various Off-Page elements that are important to optimize their strategy. The following are several important external factors that must be considered to increase the level of credibility and visibility:

  • Backlinking :

    Getting backlinks from other websites to your site. Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites can increase your domain authority and SEO ranking.

  • ORM (Online Reputatation Management) :

    Positive testimonials from users or clients can build trust and improve your online reputation. This strategy is used to suppress negative comments and increase positive comments.

  • Media Distribution :

    Arfadia utilizes big media, both local and international for Finance, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency niches which are expected to increase your coin credibility.

Media Distribution with SEO - 10 Best Cryptocurrencies
Media Distribution with SEO - 10 Best Cryptocurrencies

7. Use of Advanced Technology for SEO Analysis and Reporting

Arfadia uses a suite of leading SEO analysis tools to monitor and measure the performance of its SEO campaigns. These tools help look at how well the plans worked and give good ideas for making changes and improving things. One of the sophisticated tools used by Arfadia is the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can adapt to client needs and obtain accurate analysis results.

Regular reports produced by the Arfadia team provide deep insight into ranking developments, organic traffic, and other key metrics, giving clients a clear view of the ROI they are getting from investing in SEO.

Superior SEO Services from Arfadia

Search Engine Optimization All In One (Google Search Domination)

To help determine which aspects of your website or digital project need to be optimized, Arfadia offers a complete solution through their All-in-One SEO service. With this approach, Arfadia focuses on traditional search engine optimization (SEO) and expands its scope to various other crucial aspects of digital marketing. This includes online reputation management, optimized content production, and targeted digital advertising campaigns. By providing a comprehensive package like this, Arfadia ensures that all the important elements of your digital marketing strategy are managed effectively and coordinated.

Let's start optimizing your digital presence now with Arfadia! Don't miss their free consultation offer to review SEO strategies that suit your needs. Our service coverage areas include: Indonesia, Bali, Singapore, Tonga, Dubai, Malaysia, United Kingdom, St. Helena, South Korea


  1. What are specialized SEO services for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry?

    Specialized SEO services for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry include strategies and techniques specifically designed to meet the unique needs of projects within this sector. SEO services for this industry focus on identifying keywords relevant to blockchain technology, backlink strategies tailored to the blockchain platform and community, and content optimization that takes into account trends and rapid changes in the industry.

  2. Does Arfadia provide competitor analysis in SEO services for the blockchain industry?

    Arfadia provides competitor analysis as part of their SEO services for the blockchain industry. This competitor analysis includes an assessment of the keywords used, backlinks built, content produced, and promotional tactics used by competitors.

  3. How does Arfadia manage SEO campaigns for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the blockchain industry?

    Arfadia built a content strategy specifically designed to attract and educate the audience about the ICO project. We also ensure that the ICO project website is technically optimized, such as page load speed, clean URL structure, and proper use of meta tags. Overall, Arfadia is not only focused on increasing the ICO's visibility in search engines, but also building a strong foundation to maintain and increase exposure and investor interest during the ICO stage and beyond in the blockchain project's lifecycle.

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