Despite Its Benefits, Low Demand Limits Goat Milk Farm Indonesia

Despite Its Benefits, Low Demand Limits Goat Milk Farm Indonesia

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Looking closely, we can see that goat farming is common among Indonesians. Unfortunately, despite the relatively steady value of goats, more Indonesian farmers need to make an effort to handle them professionally. Even though Indonesia has resources that are very supportive of goat farming, in addition to having large dry flat land, Indonesia also has a tropical climate and lots of grass. It leaves that can be used as fodder for livestock goats. Since it takes a long time to make money from raising livestock, most people may be more interested in starting a culinary business. Even the improvements in technology have helped breeders and made their jobs easier.

In comparison to other types of livestock, goats are simple to raise. The price of goats is relatively consistent. Even if the price goes up or down, the price will not change that much either way. Goats also have a high demand on the market, particularly around Eid al-Adha. Since most Indonesians are Muslims who observe Eid al-Adha by slaughtering goats as a part of their celebrations. Goats are helpful not just for their meat but also for their nutritious milk.

However, were you aware that goat milk farm in Indonesia is very rare? Most people only raise goats to sell their meat. The types of goats in Indonesia consist of Kacang goats, Saanen goats, Gembrong goats, and Etawa crossbreed goats. Some of you may not know much about the Etawa goat. This type of goat results from crossbreeding between local goats and Jamnapri (the original goat from India). Etawa goats are usually raised to get their milk with lots of nutrients for human health.

Goat Milk Farm Indonesia

Goat Milk Farm Indonesia
Goat Milk Farm Indonesia

Having local livestock can help meet domestic supply needs because the need for food in Indonesia is continuously increasing every year. People who have started to pay special attention to food and drink nutrition are now aware of the importance of protein needs. Milk is one of the food elements that may be considered a source of protein derived from animal sources. As mentioned in several studies, goat's milk contains protein as a source of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins, which will be very useful for young adult growth and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

One of the best types of goats suitable for farming is the Etawa goat. Compared to other types of goats, Etawa goats have large bodies. Male goats can weigh up to 85 kg, while females weigh around 80 kg. Etawa goats can be bred as meat and milk because of their vast stature and well-built bodies. Etawa goats have a very high selling value and are easy to breed. This type of goat is more often found in small villages. The main requirement for raising Etawa goats is sufficient sunlight, clean surroundings, and a location far from home. Large vents are also needed so dirt and bacteria cannot grow quickly, and the wind can still get in.

Agriculture plays a significant role in Indonesia's economy, and the nation has various natural resources such as water, vegetables, and animal resources. This circumstance is beneficial for farmland in Indonesia. Taking care of Etawa goats is very easy because they can survive in various temperatures. Etawa goat is also one of the strongest species among other types of goats.

Benefits of Etawa Goat Milk

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While all kinds of milk have their benefits, goat's milk is becoming increasingly popular. Did you know that goat's milk has more benefits than cow's milk? It is because Etawa goat milk contains various very high nutritional content such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and fluorine. Let us learn more about what the benefits are!

1. Enhanced Digestive System

This milk is great for weight loss because it can settle your stomach and make you feel less hungry. In addition, the absence of complex proteins in Etawa goat milk makes this milk minimally allergenic. Also, goat milk from Etawa is often used in medicine to help the nervous system work better and heal itself.

2. Rich in Calcium

People drink cow's milk to get more calcium and prevent osteoporosis, but drinking goat's milk is a much better idea because it is very high in calcium and tryptophan amino acids.

3. Can Be Used to Treat TB and Asthma

Because it has flourin and beta-kasein, Etawa goat milk can be used as a medicine to treat tuberculosis and asthma. Etawa goat milk contains ten times more fluorine than cow's milk. Etawa goat milk can be the right choice for those currently recovering and wanting to restore their immunity.

4. Good for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Etawa goat milk is helpful for pregnant women since it provides them with extra nutrients. As a bonus, the consumption of Etawa goat milk during pregnancy has been shown to affect the fetus's health positively. Also, Etawa goat milk is good for the milk of breastfeeding mothers. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and B3 are found in Etawa goat milk. These vitamins will help brain and nerve cells grow and develop.

5. Nourish Your Skin

Did you know that Etawa goat milk can be used as a mask and scrub for your face? This method can smooth the skin and make the pores on the face smaller. It can also brighten your skin. The lactic acid content in milk is proven to remove dead skin cells and treat dull skin. Yes, we are familiar with this because we find various beauty products using goat milk-based ingredients, such as body lotions, scrubs, masks, and other products.

6. Prevents Bone Loss and Anaemia

Not only for children and adults, but goat's milk is also suitable for consumption by the elderly because it can speed the regeneration of haemoglobin, which thus makes it a safe and natural solution to deal with the problem of bone loss and anaemia. Its high zinc and selenium concentration makes it useful against neurodegenerative conditions.

7. Lowering Blood Pressure

Consuming Etawa goat milk can help reduce blood pressure. This milk contains calcium and vitamin D, which stabilise blood pressure. This milk contains A2-Betacasein and essential amino acids, which can help form insulin, which is very useful for people with diabetes. Many people are willing to spend money on routine maintenance to maintain their health because it is the most valuable treasure. When, in fact, you can start maintaining your health with something as simple as drinking Etawa goat's milk. This milk is beneficial not only to humans but also to the health of dogs and cats.

Araca For Pet (Dogs and Cats)
Araca For Pet (Dogs and Cats)

Even though goat milk is good for you throughout your life, the average productivity of goats in Indonesia is still low because they do not get enough food, seeds, or care. The output of Etawa goat milk is significantly impacted by the fact that most goat milk farms in Indonesia need to be correctly educated on the type of feed that must be supplied to Etawa goats and how to produce it because it affects the quality of that milk. This lack of management is why goat's milk has so few consumers. Most people dislike goat's milk since it has an unpleasant odour and is so pricey. Do you agree with this speculation? If you have the same reason, now you will get the solution! Araca Milk is the first Etawa goat milk farm in Indonesia.

Araca Milk: First Etawa Goat Milk Farm in Bali

Araca Milk for Goat Milk Farm Indonesia
Araca Milk

Located in Bali, Etawa goat milk, owned by PT Araca Milk Industry, provides an innovation to answer consumer problems. Araca Milk cares for the Etawa goats on her farm with dry food ingredients with a mixture of concentrates and dry forages with nutritional content because this affects the quality of their milk. It takes 7 liters of pure goat's milk to make 1 kg of pure powdered milk. Goat's milk that has a bad smell is usually released by male goats, while female goats will not emit an odour in their milk. Then why does goat's milk still have a terrible smell? Because the female goat and the male goat share the same cage. Supposedly, the cages between female and male goats are separated so that the smell is not contaminated the milk. This is a priority for Araca Milk Farm.

There are various goat milk products on the market, including liquid and powdered milk. Most people on the market sell this type of powder since it is sturdy and odourless. But now, Araca Milk has produced its Etawa goat liquid milk brand that only smells slightly at the lowest price. As the first brand selling pure goat's milk in a bottle without preservatives, Araca Milk can last in the freezer for one month. It can be consumed cold or warm, and it will not reduce the nutrition of goat's milk. Do not be afraid to taste Etawa goat's milk from now on. You can only keep your health by purchasing 500 ml of Araca milk for RP 35.000 and one liter in a bottle for RP 65.0000. When you try it, you will notice the benefits and positive features. I hope it helps!

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