Which Crypto Assets Will Explode?

Are you considering investing in one of the best crypto assets presently but worried about which of the virtual will dominate the market in next years?

Which Crypto Assets Will Explode?

Are you considering investing in one of the best crypto assets presently but worried about which of the virtual will dominate the market in the coming years? Well, one of the crucial things to consider is the potentials of the coin you’re putting your bucks into.

For instance, you need to ensure due diligence to know which of the available Crypto tokens will explode. Yes, knowing this can be nerve-wracking for many new investors considering the higher number of crypto assets available in the market space presently, but it isn’t insurmountable.

In this article, I'll walk you through the nitty-gritty of the best crypto Token you can invest in and why you should consider these coins. Are you ready to learn more about these best Crypto Assets ? Grab your snacks, and let’s dive in!

1.  Bitcoin

Bitcoin Illustration
Bitcoin Illustration

Presently, the face of the top Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Yes, the discussion about any best crypto token starts from this virtual currency because of its wide usage. This is the father of all crypto tokens for now, and for years to come, it’ll continue to uphold this status due to its amazing potential.

It’s one of the top cryptocurrencies available in the crypto space now. In fact, it’s the cream of the crops when the best crypto tokens are being talked about. It’s a peer-to-peer coin that is devoid of regulations from any institutions such as banks.

Bitcoin is one of the best crypto tokens that are sure to explode due to its amazing liquidity in the crypto market. This makes it the best Cryptocurrency for any investor who’s just coming aboard as it removes the troubles of buying and selling Bitcoin.

Yes, this crypto coin is volatile, but its stability can be likened to a rock. Many have forecasted that in the years to come, its demand and mass adoption will continue to go up. Presently, the demand of Bitcoin is increasing, which makes the price rise almost all the time.

2.    Ethereum

Ethereum Illustration
Ethereum Illustration

There’s no cause for alarm when you invest in Ethereum as a beginner or seasoned investor. This virtual coin is one of the best Crypto tokens in the present market.

Presently, Ethereum is one of the top ten best cryptocurrency which will explode and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Here are some of the amazing things that made Ethereum be on the list of the top Cryptocurrencies anyone can confidently invest in now. Let’s take a look!

  • After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the next most liquid crypto asset now, which makes it hassles free to buy and sell.
  • It has one of the most loyal teams and communities in the crypto space today, which makes its stability stronger in the face of any challenges in the future.
  • The likelihood of having a bigger amount of the best crypto tokens is higher in Ethereum compared to the other top Cryptocurrencies available today.

3.    VidyCoin (VIDY)


VidyCoin (VIDY) is the fuel powering up the Vidy ecosystem. It’s a token aimed at disrupting and decentralizing one of the most profitable areas of the global economy: internet advertising. VidyCoin will revolutionize internet advertising by providing users with the ability of earning crypto asset for watching videos.

The reason why VidyCoin can soon be the best crypto asset performing asset in the ecosystem is the fact that it’s a crypto asset with a vast variety of applications. Vidy users will be able to redeem VidyCoin and use it for purchasing various goods and services, such as advertising keywords and advertising campaigns. Staking VidyCoin will grant access to exquisite, bespoke advertising formats and unique publishing features.

For the ad consumers - and everyone who uses the internet is an ad consumer - the Vidy ecosystem will provide the opportunity to grant crypto asset rewards for watching ads. Think of it as Vidy mining - only instead of using immense amounts of computing power to mine coins, you will receive tokens simply for watching a video playing in the background of a website.

Sumber : https://vogue.sg/gal-gadot-tiffany-diamond-necklace-kenneth-branagh-death-on-the-nile-2020/
Sumber : https://vogue.sg/gal-gadot-tiffany-diamond-necklace-kenneth-branagh-death-on-the-nile-2020/

And the best part? Vidy doesn’t require downloading any app, or even any plug-in or browser add-on. Absolutely no download is needed on the user’s part - you open a website as you would normally do, you interact with the content and watch videos, and you are rewarded with tokens.

All you have to do in order to claim your rewards is signing up - a wallet will be created for you automatically and for free. Your wallet and balance will follow you on each site that you go to, and every website with Vidy integration will let you access your wallet and show you your VidyCoin balance. In short, there are almost no requirements to start earning rewards with Vidy. You sign up, and you automatically start gaining rewards from every website with Vidy integration that you visit.

VidyCoin is powered by the Reward Chain, a dual-layer blockchain which leverages a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and smart contract functionality to foster a new type of reward economy with emphasis on high security, performance and interoperability.

ReChain provides a strong backbone for Vidy, helping to maintain low latency and high TPS when accessing the single-page video embed layer on any webpage. Using the ReChain plug-in type smart contract engine, complex business logic is transmuted to real-world dApps faster, which are deployed and executed more efficiently.

Built in order to promote a fair and sustainable reward economy, Reward City is an open virtual city on ReChain where every digital citizen is rewarded for their contributions while also taking ownership stakes in the digital spaces that fuel the internet.

Reward City is similar to the internet, with a big difference: unlike the internet, you will earn rewards for every second you spend in the city. You can engage in loads of activities in the city like playing games in the Reward Console, chatting with other residents, adopting a pet, watching content on Reward TV, etc.

Reward City
Reward City

Reward City is arguably the next big open virtual world based on blockchain technology. Over time, Reward City will evolve into a self-sustaining virtual world powered by user-generated content. Creators will be rewarded for publishing high-quality content like music, vlogs, videos on RewardTV and for streaming events and games on Reward Console. Other users will also enjoy VidyX or VidyCoin Token rewards for engaging with the published content.

The entire city is powered by VidyCoin and VidyX Tokens, which can be used to purchase digital real estate and pay for ecommerce shopping activities. Interestingly, digital citizens can convert their Vidyx Tokens to VidyCoin directly on Reward City.

The VIDY Token handles the economic side of the Vidy ecosystem where it serves various purposes from payments to distribution of rewards.

For one, you can use VidyCoin for purchasing goods and services listed by advertisers on the Vidy platform. VidyCoin allows you to make one-tap purchases (OTPs) through a simple popup modal without leaving the page you’re currently on. When you're holding down and watching an ad, just swipe up to buy the product instantly and the payment will be made from your VidyCoin wallet. The OTP works for purchases, deliveries, reservations, and installs.

Vidy users will earn VidyCoin as a reward for watching ads, videos, and completing various actions on the platform. VidyCoin are specific to a holder and cannot be transferred to other users. However, you can use them to purchase goods and services on the Vidy ecosystem or trade them on a crypto exchange.

Also, any user can run an ad campaign on the platform by purchasing keywords with VidyCoin. By paying for the campaign using VIDY Tokens, users will enjoy an extra 10% bonus on the campaign's total impressions. This bonus will come directly out of Vidy’s profit for that campaign. Ads are served based on a cost per view (CPV) model, so the advertiser must pay in advance with their VidyCoin balance. This will be then converted into fiat to pay publishers and third-party partners.

VidyCoin can be staked to unlock value-added services on Vidy. Advertisers can stake VidyCoin to unlock premium advertising formats and tools on their advertiser dashboard. This would help them create better video ad campaigns which perform and convert better. Likewise, publishers can likewise unlock premium publishing features on the publisher dashboard which would add value to a publisher’s inventory and boost engagement when serving ads to their audience.

No doubt, VidyCoin is shaping up to become one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year. In the nearest future, the main goal is for VidyCoin to become the most preferred mode of payment for all eCommerce checkouts across the web when users swipe up on an embedded video to make a purchase.

4. Litecoin

Logo Litecoin
Sumber : https://cryptologos.cc/litecoin

Another top crypto asset, every new or seasoned investor, should consider now is Litecoin. It’s one of the best crypto asset as it boasts of high liquidity and a large market cap. This makes it one of the best coins to put your money on presently when you want to avoid the unnecessary risks associated with investing in Cryptocurrency.

Are you wondering why Litecoin is also among the coins to look out for and invest in? Great!

Here are some of the reasons this Cryptocurrency will also explode.

  • It has a high block reward when compared to other top cryptocurrencies available in the Crypto market now.
  • The average mining time for Litecoin in the Blockchain is less than 2 minutes; this makes it faster than many best crypto coins out there now.
  • It’s one of the big coins in the crypto asset space, and whatever happens in the future, this coin will also be one of the best coins dominating the market.
  • It also has one of the best crypto tokens when it comes to virtual currencies.

5.    NEO

This is another top crypto asset that has proven to have a ton of potential for any new or seasoned investors. With its current position in the crypto asset space, it’s regarded as one of the best Cryptocurrencies with a high liquid asset and which makes it more credible to invest in.

Here are some of the cool things about this virtual coin. Let’s have a look!

  • NEO enables easy creation of digital assets and smart contracts, just like Ethereum.
  • It ensures smoothness when transferring shares and assets.
  • It’s one of the most liquid Cryptocurrencies available today.

So if you’re a beginner or seasoned investor who wants to invest in crypto asset, there you have the information you need to make informed decisions. The coins mentioned above have the potentials you’re looking for and will surely explode as they keep improving time and again. However, the list is just the tip of an iceberg as there are pockets of coins like the ones mentioned.

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