Dare to be Different! Araca Milk is An Innovation for Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia

Dare to be Different! Araca Milk is An Innovation for Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia

PT Araca Milk Industry. Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia, Goat Milk Supplier. Goat Milk Manufacturer & Processing. Etawa Goat Milk Production

Goat Milk Manufacturer, Goat Milk Supplier, Goat Milk Processing, Etawa Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia, Goat Milk Production.

Indonesia is mainly known as a centre for agriculture because of its large size and many natural resources that can be exploited. Farmland is the most prevalent type of business in Indonesia. One area of the economy that uses biological natural resources directly is livestock production, which uses a wide range of animals. This is a profitable business. It is a regular thing to keep livestock to harvest their milk, meat, and skin since different types of animals produce milk and meat that have their own unique set of characteristics and benefits. Some livestock has skin and fur that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Generally, humans cultivate four types of livestock: chickens, turkeys, bees, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, and many more. Each of them has its own purpose and benefits. Goats are good for business in Indonesia because they do well in the tropical climate and do not need much money to get started. Therefore, the goat farming business prospects are still very open to being developed by every breeder. Animal husbandry can be done all year long if there is natural support, feed is available, and the weather is good. With a fast harvest time and easy marketability, the goat farming industry is also profitable with small funds.

Farmers in Indonesia have been introduced to animal agriculture which includes dairy goats. It is common knowledge that goat milk possesses qualities, a unique composition, and superior health benefits over cow’s milk. The large markets for nutritious and functional foods, the health benefits of goat milk, and the connection of goat milk with natural and sustainable agriculture can all be used as factors in the continued growth of the goat milk industry or production in Indonesia. Goat milk production is very important to the well-being of many people in Indonesia because it can be used to make food and beauty products. Aside from ready-to-drink liquid milk, there are many other products made from goat milk, such as powdered or dry milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese, sweets, caramel, soap, and other things. Most goods are made in homes or by small and medium-sized businesses.

Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia’s Problems

People have often had bad things to say about goats up to this point. Some Indonesians still believe that goats are bad for the environment and that goat meat and milk are bad for your health. For instance, eating goat meat can cause high blood pressure. How people talk about goats can affect how much they want to buy it. In fact, both goat meat and goat milk are very healthy. If you cannot drink cow's milk, you can drink goat's milk instead.

Compared to the overall number of farms in Indonesia, the number of milk-producing goats is still relatively low. Dairy goat population, milk output, and economic hub data should be better known. Even though raising dairy goats for the welfare of breeders in Indonesia has a lot of opportunities and potential, commercializing the goat milk production potential is still not a focus. Changing how farmers think about starting and focusing on field businesses is very important. Indonesia is still developing ways to improve the dairy goat production, such as by breeding more goats and using high-production technology.

Small-scale goat livestock may be able to meet their seed needs. Large-scale livestock businesses that need a lot of seeds, on the other hand, often have trouble getting the seeds they need. The government and goat livestock business actors must solve this problem jointly. Limited seeds can hamper the breeder's business, making developing more challenging.

Low milk production and the high price of the commodity are contributing factors, but cultural preferences also explain why Indonesians do not drink much milk. Goat milk is not popular in Indonesia, and only a small percentage can afford it. The quality of goat's milk and the traits of the farmers, like being creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial, are the most important internal factors for the growth of dairy goat farms. The foremost opportunity for dairy goat farms that came from the outside was their customers' satisfaction.

Because it was designed only for small to medium-sized businesses, the processing could be more professional and high-tech. Because goat's milk is expensive and has a strong odour, the public has a negative perception of it.

Araca Milk: Goat Milk Manufacturer, Supplier & Processing in Bali Indonesia

Araca Milk - Goat Milk Manufacturer, Supplier & Processing
Araca Milk - Goat Milk Manufacturer, Supplier & Processing

PT Araca Milk Industry was the first enterprise in Bali to sell Etawa goat milk. Araca Milk, established on November 2, 2022, is known for its additive-free Etawa goat milk. PT Araca Milk Industry is committed to producing premium-grade goat milk to promote health and wellness through its regular consumption. Dare to be different from other Etawa goat milks, Araca Milk has the advantage of making milk with a high level of sterilization, so it tastes fresh and does not smell bad. The production process developed by Araca Milk for distribution follows national and international standards.

Furthermore, Araca milk is free of preservatives, ensuring that the benefits and efficacy of the milk product are maintained. Araca Milk chose a strategy in which female goats are separated from male goats so that the milk they produce does not smell. Usually, what makes milk smell is the milk produced by male goats, but the smell will contaminate the female goat's milk. That is the reason why Araca Milk differentiates between male and female goats.

Best Goat Milk - Araca Milk
Best Goat Milk - Araca Milk

PT Araca Milk Industry also makes sure that the goats get enough green feed. To avoid slow growth, goats will get about 5-7 kg of food per tail per day. Not only focusing on feeding, but Araca Milk also ensures that each goat pen has sufficient ventilation and gets sunlight to prevent disease and bacteria. Of course, with the high standards of maintenance and development carried out by Araca Milk, goats will produce high-quality milk. Even so, Araca Milk still sells Etawa goat milk at a low price, namely 35,000 in a 500 ml bottle and 65,000 for one litter.

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The Benefits of Etawa Goat Milk

Research shows that Etawa goat milk has all the necessary vitamins and minerals, like phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and florin. Because of this, people say that Etawa goat milk has the same benefits as mother's milk. Due to its high-fat content, drinking too much Etawa goat milk might lead to weight gain. Following the Etawa milk drink rule, daily consumption of this beverage must not exceed 200 millilitres. It is best to drink it first thing in the morning while your stomach is empty. Considering that Etawa goat milk has a lot of different and complete nutrients, it is not surprising that it has a lot of different benefits. What is good about Etawa goat milk will explain below:

1. Has Natural Anti-inflammatory

Etawa goat milk is homogenized naturally. The fat bubbles in Etawa goat's milk can break themselves into smaller pieces compared to cow's milk. This is useful to facilitate digestion and the absorption of food by the body. Well, Etawa goat milk is perfect for people with problems with their intestines or digestive issues caused by inflammation. Many people complain that cow's milk can make them allergic and susceptible to respiratory diseases. Still, you do not need to worry about it because Etawa goat milk is an efficacious alternative for this problem. The high-fat content in cow's milk is the cause of the build-up of mucus that triggers allergies. As a result, consuming milk will not irritate your intestines.

2. Maintain Sleep Quality

Tryptophan, which is found in Etawa goat milk, can help the body make the hormone serotonin. This hormone regulates mood and stimulates the part of the brain that controls sleep and wake time.

3. Good for Heart and Bone

This benefit is obtained from the high potassium content of Etawa goat milk. This potassium content works to keep blood pressure in the body stable. The potassium content in Etawa goat's milk is more optimal than cow's milk. Bone health can be preserved with the help of vitamin D, which can be found in Etawa goat milk. Also, phosphorus and calcium aid in forming strong bones because goat's milk has more vitamin A, potassium, and niacin than cow's milk.

4. Prevent Anaemia

Minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus in goat's milk are easily digested by the body compared to cow's milk. It is good for treating anaemia, poor digestion, and osteoporosis.

5. Brightening and Moisturizing Skin

In addition to the benefits for the inside of the body, goat's milk also provides help for the outside of the body. The skin will become brighter and softer if you consume goat's milk regularly. This is due to the presence of fatty acids and triglycerides. High vitamin A in goat's milk is also helpful for fighting acne and improving skin tone.

Looking at the nutrients in Etawa goat milk, you can see that it has a lot of potential benefits. But you still need to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and live. Meanwhile, the recommended storage procedure is to store it in the refrigerator's freezer. Etawa goat milk should be consumed within 1-2 weeks from the first time you receive it to maintain its durability, but Araca Milk is still good until a month. Consider consuming it immediately after buying Etawa goat milk. This milk can be swallowed whole, or it can also be mixed with other ingredients such as syrup, fruit juice, and others, according to your wishes. To get maximum benefits, consume Etawa goat milk twice a day.

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