Increase Your Website Visitor with Evergreen Content
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Increase Your Website Visitor with Evergreen Content

Increase Your Website Visitor with Evergreen Content - What is actually Evergreen content? The definition is actually quite simple. It is a kind of blogs with relevant content to be read anytime.

Increase Your Website Visitor with Evergreen Content - What is actually Evergreen content? The definition is actually quite simple. It is a kind of blogs with relevant content to be read anytime. Consequently, the blog tends to produce more real-time traffic and the visitors can even come all the time. Anytime you need the information whether it is now or in the future, the value is just the same. That’s why; it is so-called evergreen, just like the pine trees that always keep their leaves all the time. Aside from that, there are still some other benefits of publishing the evergreen content. Here they are.

  • Higher Rank in Search Engine
    Although the algorithm of Google and other search engines are often changed, there is one thing which is sure; evergreen content is friendlier towards all of those search engines. Yes, Evergreen content can be recognized more easily among other million websites in the internet. As long as the search engine finds your content worthy to be optimized, your website can be awarded with a higher rank. When you are able to keep this achievement, it is not possible if many of your articles are on the first rank in popular search engine including Google. It is impressive, isn’t it?

  • High Traffic
    As it has been mentioned above, real-traffic generates high traffic also. Sure, high traffic is something looked for by the bloggers and website owners. High traffic means high payment as well. So, how can evergreen content has high traffic? When your content is on the first page of search engine result, the possibility it is being opened by the visitors is higher. Once someone searches for articles using a particular keyword, the search engine is directly led him or her on your page.
    Another reason is due to the fact that evergreen content is everlasting all the time. The traffic is more stable in longer time compared to the trending topic. Trending topic indeed gives you high visitors in a short time. However, it can also be lowered simply when there is another trending topic appeared.

  • More Prospects in the Future
    As the consequence of high traffic, it means that the future prospects tend to be increased as well. as an example is when your website is to promote and sell a certain products. The more visitors mean the more people to buy the products. Therefore, you can gain profits from the selling. Interestingly, even only from the traffic only, the income cannot be underestimated. Of course, it needs more efforts aside from creating Evergreen content. You should also optimize it by considering some more matters. They are including placing your website on the right place where the target of your market is around.

  • Blog’s Visibility
    Again, as a result of high traffic, the visibility of blog can be clearer. The old visitors can come to your blog next time to see that the blog is still there. Well, it can be concluded that content has a really high attractiveness. More than that, if your website is advantageous and knowledgeable, it can even be good references for many people. So, it is always a better decision to make a kind of websites that are beneficial for others.

  • Natural Backlinks
    Even old articles can have continuous applauses when they are written in great styles as well as the message given is informative. Of course, there are higher chances also for the entire blog or website in general to find many natural backlinks. Your blogs can be referred by other blogs to their visitors. Once a visitor on other blogs sees the backlink, he or she can just go to your blog.

  • Being Maintained in Google SERP for a Long Time
    One of the determination factors of SERP or Search Engine Result Page is when a page is often being opened and visited through search engine particularly Google. For those automatic opening, the SERP of website can just be increased and having bigger chances for on the first page of Google.

Types and Ideas of Evergreen Content

If you are still a beginner in the world of digital marketing, such content is probably not really familiar. Whereas, evergreen content is one of the main key factors in term of content strategy. So, are you interested to increase your website visitor with Evergreen content? There are some of them that are considered as evergreen. The articles in your blog are probably already some of them. What are they?

  • List of Certain Things
    Have you ever looked for the list of best action movies? Or maybe, you want to read the list of best remedies to beautify your skin? Well, such articles can also be included as the everlasting although some of them are probably not. Information of natural remedies can be a good and evergreen content. Things like lemon, avocado, olive oil are indeed popular since many years ago for health and beauty and they will still be like that for the future. It means that this information still have the same value whether it is read in the past, currently, and in the future.
    However, still related to the skincare thing, the list of beauty products cannot be categorized as evergreen. Why? The products along with the series tend to be changed and improved along with the time goes by. The information is indeed informative enough currently. But it can be out of date some years later since those series will probably not be released anymore.
    Not only the things here refer to tools or products, they can also be about habits, activities, and more. As an example, there is an article talking about ‘anti-mainstream activities to be done in summer holiday’ or ‘the best habit to do to keep your heart healthy’. For the better content, avoid writing articles in negativity like ‘common mistakes done by photographer’. Those mistakes are probably facts but there is a bad impression as you, the writer, underestimate the others.

  • Tips
    Tips to make or to do something are also considered as evergreen. Such articles are even searched for by many internet users every day. It is not something exaggerated then if a blog with tips and tricks as the content is the safest way to gain many visitors. But make sure to write the articles in good ways. You must not patronize or underestimate them. even in this digital world, attitude is undeniably so important. If you are able to make content in interesting ways, there are big chances your visitors will comeback in the future or even subscribes your websites.

  • Tutorials
    Many people want to do or make something but they don’t know how to. So, you can take advantages of their ‘weakness’ to make a kind of everlasting content. There are so many tutorials you can make like repairing electronic devices, running certain applications, online shopping, makeup, and also cooking. Make sure to create a website only with one certain theme or topic. Sure, the topic is also something that you are really capable of. If you love cooking, a website about recipes is a great idea. The same thing is when you are an electrician; your side job can be a blogger with electronic tutorial specialist.

  • Encyclopedia
    If you are an expert in a certain knowledge field, like science, health, history, economy, and more, this type of blogs is much recommended for you. Despite the blog or website will be beneficial for the others, it is also considered as everlasting. As an example if you are a physician, just write an article about Big Bang or Multi-verse theory with your own language. Make sure that the data given and references mentioned are valid. Even if there will be more modern and more believable theory of physics in the future, Big Bang and Multi-verse theories are still worthy to read. Well, all you need to do is just updating the content of your websites.
    To attract the readers more even them who are not too interested with the topic, the language used should be more interesting and understandable. The specific terms must be defined whether directly or on the footnote. Besides, you can also implement a certain writing method using titles like ‘8 Interesting Facts about Big Bang Theories’. Therefore, your piece of writing can feels lighter even for the common people.

Well, theoretically, how to increase your website visitor with Evergreen content is not as easy as it seems. You need to be more experienced for sure. Besides, there are also struggles to be passed through for being successful. The most important thing is that you may need assistance so that your websites can just run well as you expect. Using the services from Digital Agency can be a good solution indeed. Of course, you need to choose one of the companies well so that you will not be disappointed in the future.

To use the services from Digital Agency, the company must have a good teamwork that conducts researches and others before the implementation and execution. Besides, you, as the client, must also be involved since you are the only one who knows well how the website should be. You may also want to learn about it for your own development in the future. So, the company has a duty to give you knowledge and explanation. Therefore, it is not impossible if in the future you can run the website by yourself successfully in the future. From many companies out there, Arfadia is one which is the most recommended. Despite fulfilling all the requirements above, the services in general are also friendly and satisfying. So, for Evergreen content, Arfadia – Digital Marketing Agency is undeniably the best answer.

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