Sale Container Investment: 4 Secrets to Find the Best Container Trade Company

Sale Container Investment: 4 Secrets to Find the Best Container Trade Company

You probably think investing in containers is a strange or even crazy idea. However, were you aware that this is a risk-free transaction that can be used for active or passive income? This article has important secrets about container trade which no one knows!

Sale Container Trade - The worldwide market for shipping containers is expected to reach a valuation of over $14 million by 2022. This market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 4.68% until 2027.  Currently, the shipping industry is responsible for more than 70 percent of the value and 80 percent of the volume of global commerce. Do you agree that it is almost always a good idea to invest in a valuable commodity that plays a crucial role in the success of a particular industry? Trading containers and leasing them out is an excellent way to make money if you are searching for new investment opportunities that are also innovative and promising.

Containers are hard assets that have both functional and material value. This means you can always rent or sell it if it is in decent condition. Investing in an item is undoubtedly more promising and safer. Containers are beneficial not just to the logistics industry but to all businesses. Depending on how well it is maintained, this object has a potential lifespan of between 25 until 50 years. It is possible to make a substantial return on investment, particularly if you plan to rent containers for a prolonged period. Therefore, investing in the sale and rent of containers is a risk-free and viable option for the long term. You have the chance of selling it directly or renting it out to others and making a profit on a monthly basis. After going over some of the basics of investing in containers, let us move on to a more in-depth discussion of some guidelines you need to follow before buying containers from a business. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Analyze the Costs

To begin turning a profit, the first and most essential step is to acquire containers for a low price and then raise the price at which they are offered to customers. Given their financial constraints, some people might find it more convenient to look for and buy shipping containers in regions with low demand at an affordable cost.

2. Company Insight

When starting a business or making investments, we must be cautious about who we choose as partners to reduce the risk of undesirable outcomes, such as fraud. You need to search for a company that offers sale container and rental services for containers and has already been in business for many years, preferably more than ten. In addition, looking at customer testimonials and the roster of major corporations with which the company has collaborated can benefit your decision-making process. Make sure you make transparent and safe payments with the container trade.

3. The Distribution Network

Make sure the container trade you choose has a comprehensive shipping network that extends to even the most minor islands. Be sure that the company guarantees delivery from Sumatra to Papua if you are a buyer in Indonesia. If you want to buy something from outside Indonesia, ensure the business can guarantee a safe delivery to your country.

4. Pay Attention for the Potential Hazards

Prices constantly change so that fluctuations will impact your return on investment over time. If you sell inconveniently, containers can be protected and recovered from the water. This is why container insurance is essential, as it allows you to recover your money in the event of a catastrophe. Even though containers are valuable, their value decreases significantly if they have been damaged or fixed often. This is something to consider when buying a shipping container as an investment. If you do not trust your tenants or buyers, they might not pay, costing you and your company money. But do not fear; you can do things to mitigate the effects.

Bintang Citra International is a business that provides container leasing services and deals in the sale of used containers. Since its inception in 2011, the company anticipates continued expansion due to the rising demand for low-cost and one-of-a-kind structures. Because of this, PT. Bintang Citra International has come to meet the needs of that proposal. PT. Bintang Citra International can not only sell container boxes but also directly modify the container that customers purchase from them.

When the size and weight of the container are considered, the biggest problem in this sector in Indonesia is that shipments can only go to a few islands. PT. Bintang Citra International is a global trading agent that offers full delivery services all over Indonesia, from Sumatra to Papua. With more than 11 years of experience in the field, the company is ready to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for businesses that need more space or warehousing. In addition, a selection of sizes is available, including 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet, with a choice of eligibility conditions running from sixty percent to eighty percent.

In most cases, standard containers are the containers that are used most frequently in the business. Containers with sizes of 20 feet, 40 feet, and 40 feet are usually used to ship clothes, electronics, and grain. You may still be uncertain about whether to purchase a new receptacle or use an existing one to store your belongings. A brand-new container, also known as a "one-go" container, is typically in good condition, and you can readily verify that no harmful substances have become lodged inside it. What is the weakness of it? Please take into consideration the fact that they are significantly more expensive. Used containers, which are also called "cargo-worthy" containers, may be older, but they still have the shipping certifications they need. This suggests that they have a structure like one-way receptacles but are more cost-effective.

Bintang Citra International is also ready to provide ideas for you to modify the container of your choosing, such as transforming it into a container café, container office, or kitchen container. As a result of PT. Bintang Citra International's extensive experience in their sector, the Indonesian populace views them as industry leaders. PT. Bintang Citra International are ready to provide you with a moveable space solution.

Exploring the Possibilities of Container Ideas

After deciding to invest in containers, you may need guidance on what steps to take next. You can rent or sell it to a variety of busy market sectors. In recent years, many businesses have used containers office, container cafe, kitchen container, and even container hotels. This is an excellent opportunity to capitalize. Here are some suggestions for you to consider as you develop the concept:

Rental of storage space

People will always require storage space. Investing in a storage business will get you up and running quickly. The cost of renting a space in Ontario is high. Storage is now available. Shipping containers are made to withstand the weather and keep goods safe from thieves for long periods of time at sea. You do not have to modify the container for this purpose, so it is a low-cost option.

Container Cafe

Cafes also increasingly use shipping containers, particularly in areas with limited space. Making containers, the primary structure, is highly profitable. Aside from being robust, these buildings do not require a building permit because they are temporary. You can also use this distinct style to draw attention to your cafe. Its long-lasting nature allows for relatively low-cost maintenance and repairs. The portable modified case keeps the food and kitchen equipment inside safe from the elements.

Container Office

Another inventive way to make the most of limited space is to use containers as office space. Shipping containers have been converted into offices. The office will have a more relaxed working environment with a concept like this. Container buildings have also been tested for earthquake resistance and crack resistance. The extreme temperature in the room is usually a disadvantage of using a container as a container office because the material is made of metal and quickly conducts heat. Aside from that, perhaps the risk that you can think of is rust that will appear.

Kitchen Container

You can also convert it into a kitchen container to meet the requirements of a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Because of its portability, this unit is ideal for a temporary kitchen in a remote area, on-site projects, local community events, or festivals. Shipping containers made of weather-resistant Corten steel and built to ISO standards can be used for many things, including portable kitchens. Our robust steel containers can be converted into kitchens by installing electricity, water system connections, windows, shelving, stainless steel benches, and other necessary equipment.


A container is a storage box initially utilized in the logistics industry. Now, the advantages of containers are broader, and even used containers can be put to new and more beneficial uses, such as buildings. Building with containers can be combined with different unique materials and ideas to give entrepreneurs a selling point. Some entrepreneurs choose to invest in shipping containers. This object is easily changed into containers for the kitchen container, best container office, container cafe, booths, toilets, and many other creative designs. If you are interested in a reputable container trade company and need a recommendation, we can recommend PT. Bintang Citra International. This sale container company is reputable due to its reasonable prices and extensive experience.

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1. What is 4 secret to find the best container trade company?

There are several important and secret things that you should pay attention to when looking for the best container trade company, those are analyze the cost, watch the company insight, pay attention to the distribution network, and for potential hazards. It is a main pillar you should focus on.

2. Where can I find quality sale containers?

If you are looking for a quality sale container, you can look for it at PT. Bintang Citra International who already has dozens of years of experience and is ready to send anywhere.

3. Who can get the benefits from sale container trade?

Of course, the sale container trade has benefit to all parties. The results of the profit turnover will help investors. Buyers can also benefit from this multifunctional structure. The environment can also be made cleaner because container waste can be reduced and repurposed.

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