Help Our Country from Food Shortages with Indonesia Farm Land Investment

Help Our Country from Food Shortages with Indonesia Farm Land Investment

Indonesia Farm Land Investment. Benefits of Etawa Goat Milk, this will be a significant and profitable opportunity for those who want to invest.

Did you know that the word "farm" can also describe areas used for animal husbandry, aquaculture, and product processing in addition to agriculture? The farming area includes many types, such as farms, ponds, and rice fields, and is the most fundamental production infrastructure. Even animal husbandry is separated into two categories: dairy cattle and poultry.

In Indonesia, people's need for food is always growing, and the cattle industry plays a big part in meeting that need. There are a lot of things to consider before beginning to raise a farm, including the preparation of the cage (covering the area of the cage, ensuring it has ventilation and receives sunlight), the need for food to gratify animal nutrition, regular health checks, vitamins and vaccines, regular bathing, knowledge of how to breed livestock, and last but not least, knowledge of how to process them (how to squeeze milk and cut meat). Of course, farming requires a lot of patience.

Since starting a farm requires a lot of patience while waiting for harvest time, other people might be more interested in creating a business in the culinary industry. Livestock is still limited in Indonesia, which is why the country is still importing food. This is undoubtedly caused by several factors contributing to problems on a farm. Let us discuss it further!

Farmland Issues in Indonesia

Indonesia Farm Land Investment
Indonesia Farm Land Investment

Farmers need a variety of technologies to run their operations, including feed technology, animal health technology, and reproductive technology. In general, these technologies are still quite basic. Because technology will have an impact on livestock yield, this industry will be most affected. It has been difficult for the farmers in Indonesia to adjust to the many laws enacted since there has yet to be seamless integration and cooperation between the government, private enterprises, and farmers.

Feed is the main requirement that often experiences problems. Until now, most breeders still depend on seasonal forage and the utilization of waste or by-products from crops. Livestock in eastern Indonesia more often use agricultural waste because it is quite difficult to get forage in that area. Despite Indonesia's large size, there are few pastures or dry places to find them. Farmers struggle to find suitable areas to grow animals because most have begun to be converted.

In Indonesia, being a breeder is frequently disregarded. Of course, this will also impact potential breeders' interests. Even though there are many benefits to being a breeder, we are naturally very proud if we can run our own company. The business scale is still small. Small or medium businesses still carry out most livestock product processing. Of course, the resources could be more supportive. Apart from that, some people also do not have an open mind about farming, one of which is goats. Some people still need to become more familiar with Etawa goat milk. This small interest certainly greatly affects the number of farms in Indonesia.

Goat Farmland as a New Opportunity

Most of the villagers work as farmers. In general, they will raise goats, cows, chickens, and other farm animals. However, the villagers must be aware of our area's huge opportunity for goat farming. As can be seen, most people like to farm chickens for their feathers, meat, and eggs. However, some animals, such as goats, are more profitable to farm. If you farm goats, you can eat their meat, milk, and skin. The purchase and sale prices of goats are similarly entirely consistent. Goat meat is also one of the most popular foods in Indonesia.

As beginners, we can begin by rearing goats in a one-male to 10 female ratios for the learning period. The disease is a stumbling block that can be overcome. One of the most critical tasks in disease prevention is keeping animals healthy. The cage's cleanliness and feed supply are critical to preserving animal health. One type of goat that can be bred is the Etawa goat. This results from crossing a female Kacang goat with a male Etawa goat. The Etawa goat is easy to breed because of its adaptability.

Benefits of Etawa Goat Milk

Beneficial for the digestive system and body, according to research on the structure of the composition of Etawa, it is almost equivalent to mother breast milk. As a result, Etawa goat milk is one of the animal milks that is exceptionally gentle on the human digestive system, even in toddlers and the elderly. In contrast to cow's milk which has very high lactose, Etawa goat's milk is classified as low lactose.

Etawa goat milk does not cause allergies, so it is suitable as an alternative to cow's milk for those who are allergic to lactose in cow's milk. Flourin and Betakasein in goat's milk are very good for treating respiratory disorders. It is common knowledge that Etawa is very good for respiratory problems such as tuberculosis, ASMA, & Lung Spots. Many studies have proven that Etawa goat milk can be a natural therapy for tuberculosis, asthma, and lung spots. To maintain the body's endurance, Etawa goat milk, with its nutrients, helps to increase the body's resistance and immunity. For those who have insomnia, it is recommended to drink Etawa goat milk before bed.

@aracamilk hi everyone! Look, our goat farm is very sterile😍 To produce quality fresh milk we always maintain health and hygiene on the farm! #fyp #fypシ #goat #goatmilk #susukambing #susukambingbali ♬ suara asli - Araca Milk

Not only has good benefits for health, but goat milk is also widely used for beauty because it can nourish the skin. Goat milk is widely processed into hand body, scrub, and soap because it is believed to smooth and brighten the skin. For facial skin with acne, goat's milk can also reduce acne and shrink facial pores.

Araca Milk (PT Araca Milk Industry)

Indonesia Farm Land Investment
Araca Milk

Araca Milk from PT Araca Milk Industry is the first Etawa goat farm in Bali, located in Silakarang, Gianyar. As an Etawa goat milk company just established on November 2, 2022, Araca Milk cares about the purity of the milk it produces from its farm. Dare to be a farm that looks different from other farms, Araca Milk has the vision to maintain and improve health through the consumption of milk every day. Having international standards in the development of its livestock, Araca Milk takes great care of the cleanliness and health of its goats.

Feeding Araca Milk livestock also has special specifications to maintain the milk yield of the Etawa goat. Araca Milk Farms provide green feed with a high concentration so that it weighs 5-7 kg per day for each goat. So that the nutritional needs of the goats are met and they can produce high-quality milk.

The milk produced by the Araca Milk brand is fresh and odourless due to its high level of sanitation. Most people negatively perceive goat's milk due to its foul odour and strong taste. Therefore people prefer to consume cow's milk over goat's milk. Only male goats produce milk with an offensive odour. It seeks to attract female goats' interest. So, the cages of male and female goats must be kept apart so that the smell of the male goats does not affect the milk that the female goats make.

Integrated business management is done well and efficiently from the top down, focusing on improving quality to make good money in a way that is good for the environment. As the first brand of Etawa goat milk that sells in bottles, Araca Milk dares to sell it at an affordable Rp. 35,000 for the 500 ml, and Rp. 65,000 with a 1000 ml bottle. As a new brand, PT Araca Milk Industry also opens opportunities for those who want to invest in farmland.

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The Importance of Indonesia Farm Land Investment

Year after year, food supply systems around the world are severely deficient in terms of agricultural innovation. During the two years of this pandemic, the farm sector has made the most money because everyone must prepare meals at home as a transition. This proves that whatever the conditions are, farmland will never weaken because human food needs will always go on. So far, more than food products in Indonesia is needed to rely on the domestic market. The fact is that Indonesia also needs imported food.

Until now, there has been no modern and commercial livestock farming, mainly only traditionally cultivated. Yet the demand continues to increase. Therefore, livestock development has good opportunities and prospects in terms of marketing. Becoming an investor will undoubtedly help the country optimize its food supply chain. To keep up with future needs and make the supply chain more stable, the livestock industry needs to keep adapting and growing through new infrastructure and technology. The existence of investment will certainly help optimize and encourage the needs of this field.

If this opportunity is not taken with the support of technology and innovation, other people will take it, and we will increasingly depend on imported food products. Increasing dependence on food and imported food ingredients will seriously endanger the sovereignty of our nation and state. For investment opportunities in goat farming, there are many investment opportunities available in Bali. Considering that only a few people dare to open an Etawa goat milk supplier in Bali, this will be a significant and profitable opportunity for those who want to invest.

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